Six ways to wear different outfits every day without buying anything new

And by “new” I mean new.

When it comes to getting dressed in the morning, I have 3 rules: it has to work with what I’m doing that day, it needs to be weather appropriate and it’s gotta be different from what I wore the day before. However, wearing a different outfit every day doesn’t have to mean you have to wear new clothes every day and I’ve got a few tricks for you.

Go on a shopping ban! This may sound a little extreme and crazy, even counter-intuitive when you say it out loud but trust me, it does wonders. When you only wear the clothes you already own, not only will you maximize their number of wears but you will also end up wearing the ones you never wear or even forgot about. I’m not gonna lie, it gets frustrating at times but that frustration will also boost your creativity and you will end up styling your clothes in new ways you would never have imagined before.

Obviously, you can’t go on without buying anything forever. Even the best clothes wear out eventually. Or it can be because you are missing something. Or even because you just feel like it? So my second tip is to buy second hand or vintage when you have to, either directly from charity shops or online. You often find items that are brand new, still with the tag on or barely worn, even from current collections sometimes. Unwanted gifts and impulse purchases anyone?

vintage knits from @fretexfashion

Third tip: putting the focus on accessories. Basically, you take any plain clothes such as a basic dress or a white tee and build a look around them with accessories. It can be shoes, scarves, jewelry, bags, belts or anything you like! You would be surprised how different the same outfit can look. And again, you can find accessories for super cheap if you thrift them.

Next: borrow and swap with your friends/family/SO. this option has gotten very popular for special occasions like weddings, but you can also use it for everyday items. While it might not be super interesting for basics, it can be great when it comes to dresses, knits, and outerwear. There are many different ways to do it. In my case, my mom and I have worked some sort of system where we rotate certain items each month. But whatever works best for you is fine.

Also, invite your summer clothes into your winter wardrobe. It’s not going to work with everything but you can easily layer a turtleneck under your dress or pair a flowy skirt with chunky knits and boots. The only limit is your imagination!

worn out 501’s upcycled into a denim mini skirt

Last but not least: alter and upcycle your own clothes. It ranges from something as easy as turning old jeans into cool denim cut off to something that takes skills like transforming a garment into something completely different or even decorating plain clothes with embroidery. There are lot’s of tutorials online and who knows, maybe you’ll end up with a new hobby.

The most important thing you gotta keep in mind is that most of the time, you don’t really need new clothes. Yes it’s nice to feel pretty. Yes, it’s fun to get dressed. But no, you don’t need to spend half your paycheck at Zara for that! I hope you will find those tips helpful and pleas elet me know if you can think of any more!