yuma labs (formerly w.r.yuma), the Belgian sustainable sunnies

Update: w.r.yuma is now yuma labs .

Today, I want tell you about one of my favourite finds of the summer: an eco-friendly eyewear brand from Antwerp: w.r.yuma (yuma labs). I know, it may not be the sunniest place on Earth but I’m serious. I’m talking about a Belgian sunwear brand.

w.r.yuma (yuma labs): 3D printed from plastic waste

The science behind w.r.yuma is quite simple. Take a 3D-printer, real lenses, recycled plastic and frames printed on demand and you get yourself a cool pair of sunnies. As if 3D printing alone wasn’t cool enough, the black models come from old dashboards and the white ones from old fridges. Also, the brand uses PET from old plastic bottles as well as plant-based nylon.

I ordered the Gemma model and, good surprise, they fit nicely and are super lightweight. They’re probably the only pair I ever owned that doesn’t leave a mark on my nose and that’s huge. I’m so gonna be able to brag on the beach! All their models are unisex and designed in such a way that they fit almost anyone. I know what I’m talking about, I normally don’t have an eyewear friendly face but these seem to fit just right.

Recycled and recyclable

That’s not all! Not only does w.r.yuma make their sunglasses sustainably, they also make them entirely recyclable. In the long run, the brand plans on going fully circular and recycle their customer’s old w.r.yuma sunnies into the new collections. I can’t wait! By the way… Did you know that the UV filter in your sunglasses fades over time? It’s recommended to replace them every 2 to 3 years, depending on how much you wear them. That’s a pretty good reason to shop from sustainable eyewear brands. We don’t need more plastic in our oceans!

So… are you team fridge or team dashboard?

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