Can you be fashionable and sustainable?

Admit it. Whenever you think about sustainable fashion, you picture shapeless hemp clothes paired with hiking shoes. At least I did when I decided to adopt a greener lifestyle. I truly believed it was going to be harsh on my closet and that I was going to have to compromise

Sustainable collections are bull. Here’s why

Organic cotton, piñatex, grape leather, recycled polyester… these are all the cool new materials fast fashion brands have to offer in their sustainable collections. From H&M to Zara, every brand now offers affordable clothing that is trendy AND eco-friendly. Isn’t it the dream? Everybody seems so excited about it. So

Is dropshipping the new greenwashing?

What do dropshipping and greenwashing have in common? Have you noticed how sustainable fashion is is the spotlight right now? Between every fashion brand launching their conscious collection and countless sustainable brands popping up, it feels like everyone want a piece of the pie. I hate to be the bearer

How to thrift like a boss

With around 80 billion pieces of new clothing produced each year, there are already enough clothes on earth to last us a very long time. You know it by now, one of the best ways to stay stylish and save resources is to buy second hand. While thrifting has gained

Leaf leather

Is there anything more in season right now than a bag made from leaves? I just realized that even though I’ve had this bag since the beginning of summer, I didn’t take the time to tell you more about it. My bad! So let’s just fix this, shall we? What

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