My Ninepine Asana relaxed straight pants review

Lately, Zuck’s algorithms have been pushing ads for comfy pants on me and for once, I am not complaining. One of them featured the Asana relaxed straight pants from Ninepine. Classic pants that feel like joggers, they promised. I am an elastic waistband aficionado and let’s just say that comfort has taken over my wardrobe for many years now. Of course I had to order them!

Ninepine who?

I had never heard of Ninepine before. Turns out it’s a Swedish brand that exists since 2019 and after a little research on their website I learned that it’s both ethical and sustainable. I won’t go into details because that’s super long but they seem legit and you can read about their approach here.

About the Asana relaxed straight pants

Let’s dive right in. The Asana relaxed pants are basically wide legged leggings (call them yoga pants if you like) made from recycled polyester. The fabric is matte, feels soft and is thick enough to be opaque, yet it remains super stretchy. The waistband is wide, entirely made of fabric and sits snug around your waist, without being compressive. Finally, there are two subtle details that makes them look like slacks: a faux fly and zipped pockets. I mean, I bought them specifically for that and they do look work appropriate.

ninepine asana relaxed pants

The pros:

I will write the most obvious one first: the pants are very comfortable, as promised.

Ninepine nailed size inclusivity. Not only are the pants available from sizes XXS to XXL, they also come in 4 different lenghts.

The fabric looks like something you would use for regular clothing, not activewear

The cons:

The brand is all about neutrals, which I totally get but only 3 colors are available: black, dark grey and dark brown. That’s a lot of dark. Something like beige or grey would have been nice.

Like most sustainable brands, the pants are a little expensive, but we’re still in the same price range as mainstream sports brands.

The fabric might be a little light for colder weather and it does attract lint.

The verdict on Ninepine

I wore these Ninepine pants a few times already and overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase. In my opinion, they are more comfortable than my regular leggings when sitting at my desk all day and even more so when chilling on the sofa. Ninepine delivered. How will they it hold up in the laundry? I have washed them already and so far, so good. Will they stretch out over time? We will see! I doubt they will wear out faster than a regular good pair of leggings but if it happens, I will definitely post an update.