How to layer a sweater over any dress

Since I moved to Norway, I’ve had to be extra creative with my clothes in order to wear outfits that look different without buying anything new. I packed a suitcase and a carry-on when I first moved and managed to bring a few more things when I visited my family back in August. Still, that is not a lot of clothes or shoes! Our initial plan was to go on a road trip through Europe in our van and pick up my stuff from my parent’s house on the way back. Obviously, with all the covid restrictions, it’s not happening this year but that doesn’t mean I will buy new clothes when I have a closet full of them just waiting for me.

The other thing that happened with the pandemic is that I stopped wanting to wear jeans. I really don’t find them comfortable so instead, I go for dresses a lot of the time. And because it’s getting colder here in the North, I layer them with a sweater. I used to think this trick worked only with certain types of dresses, but I was completely wrong. It works with most of them! The key is to somehow get the proportions right in order to not look bulky. Either you’re lucky and the dress and sweater you want to wear work perfectly together or you simply need to crop the sweater with the help of a belt or a hair tie.

Remember that making the most of the clothes we already own is one of the most sustainable things we can do. Here are four looks for a little inspo on how to wear your summer dresses in the fall.