Interview with Salome, founder of Agogic

Can you think of a better topic than jackets and raincoats right now? Me neither! This is why we are meeting Salome, who founded the sustainable women’s outerwear brand Agogic in Italy. Salome used to work for The North Face and decided it was time for her to create something of her own.Hi Salome! Thanks for joining this series of interviews. You are the mind behind the sustainable outerwear brand Agogic. Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself? What led you to outerwear?

Outerwear completes and finishes your outfit. It protects you when going outside. 

As a designer its so engaging and  it is in my opinion the most complex product type, involving a high level of construction, detail, and careful fabric choice.

My background is also in Menswear design, outerwear being linked so firmly with use and occasion. I find this fascinating and apply these concepts for women in a new way. 

You used to work for a big outdoor brand, what is the most important thing you learned there?

The true spirit of a brand and its core message should be always what drives product and design. 

Why quit?

Within a big corporation many factors can get in the way of spirit and message, and there can be a limited capacity to  change  and improve how things are done. 

I became a ‘free professional’  and had the chance to make  the rules.  A new way of doing things creating outerwear to improve the daily life of women outdoor in the city around the world . That is stylish and truly made well and made to last. 

What do you enjoy the most in what you do and which part would you rather skip?

Research into customers needs, testing, feedback. The women who wear are products are the brand and serving their needs for me is a big driver!

Areas outside of my skill set are always work in progress, financial admin is not my strong point. 

What is the secret to designing the perfect coat or jacket?

Understanding how to make someone feel confident by catering for their daily needs, from a rainy cycle to then walking  straight into that career changing meeting. 

You dont want to have to think too much, your coat should be like a second skin.  

Nowadays, most outdoor garments contain some sort of synthetic fiber but the use of recycled materials remains rare? Why is that?

Recycled fibres can be more expensive, and can change the structure / feeling of woven fabrics. We are lucky  to work  with one of the best fabric makers globally who have an excellent quality whilst working with traceable recycled yarn from Seaqual. They are in North Italy and we can visit their factory. 

You work with a wide range of sustainable materials. Are they any different from virgin synthetic fabrics when it comes to quality or durability?

We have selected very high quality materials as for us long lasting quality and durability is integral for sustainability in our opinion. Each fabric has been tested with the Martingdale test, our 3 layer fabric has the durability equivalent to industrial grade furnishing , made to last through serious usage over years and years. 

Your brand is young and fresh. Any idea where you want to take it next?

We are really about listening to our customers needs through our community and testing so this leads our direction on design and product. Keeping our product line focused and developing only what we feel is right. 

We would like to develop Agogics sustainable research and its use in garments, either in the form of a laboratory, education & communication or becoming certificated with our partners across supply chain. It important to keep moving forward, researching and being open to new ideas. 

And finally, what advice would you give to someone who wants to start a business?

Be prepared to be resilient, flexible and have passion and belief  for what you do !

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