10 DIY sustainable Christmas gifts you can prepare during the summer

It may seem silly to talk about Christmas gifts in the middle of July but trust me, it makes perfect sense! Nature is most generous during the summer and I can’t count how many times I’ve said “I should give one of these to my parents or my friends” while I was making jam or preserves.

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel there are more and more people stepping away from the overconsumerism that goes with Christmas. Homemade gifts are getting popular again and while you can always find good last minute DIY present ideas or shop for sustainable gifts any time of the year, you can also prepare them now. I gathered a few gifts ideas that I have already made or plan on making soon. I hope you will like them.


This one may not be for everyone, but if you have a plant aficionado around you, you can grow a plant yourself from cuttings or from seed. It should be big enough to be gifted by Christmas.

Jam, marmelade, syrups and fruit paste

Strawberry jam, redcurrant jelly, mint syrup, quince paste… These homemade treats may feel boring if you grew up with a garden and fruits by the kilos like I did, but that view is completely biased. Keep in mind that tasty berries and perfectly ripe fruit is a luxury to those who live in the city and from what I remember, people were always super happy when my mom gave them some. Besides, you can get super creative when it comes to flavours and even include herbs in your creations.

Pickles and preserves

Same thing here. Not everyone has a garden and even if they do, they rarely grow the same fruits and veggies. If done right, pickles are delicious and fruit preserves are a great way to enjoy summer flavours in the middle of winter.

Fruit wine and homemade liquor

This takes time to make and hard to find on the market, which makes it a pretty unique gift but most importantly, it tastes delicious! To make your own booze, you can either directly ferment the fruits like you do with with rhubarb or redcurrant or you can soak them in alcohol.

Dried fruits and vegetables

image via sustainable cooks

The name speaks for itself. It can be classics like apple chips or sun-dried tomatoes or why not something a little more exotic like chillies. To make them you can either use a dehydrator or your good old oven

Herbal tea and dried flowers for cocktails

Who doesn’t like rosebuds in their gin & tonic or a good camomille tea before bed? All you have to do it pick some plants, dry them and find a nice container.

Infused vinegars and oils

How do you pimp a salad? Take some white wine vinegar and soak edible flowers that smell good in it for a week or two. If you’re not so much into vinegar, you can also do this with herbs like basil or rosemary in olive oil.

Flavoured salt and dried herbs

Got a herb garden? How about making your own spice mix? Just dry and grind them to create your own blend or mix a with quality salt. Use 3 parts salt for one part spices.

Pressed flowers

image via FloralCollage

Nature is beautiful during the summer so why not harvest flowers and foliage and press them? You probably have an old frame somewhere or you can always find one in a thrift shop

DIY seed bombs

I saved my favourite for last. Seed bombs are fun and you can make them very easily by harvesting wildflower seeds yourself and using paper you have at home. If you click on the picture, you will see a very easy recipe.

Now these are only a few ideas to prepare in advance. When the time comes you can always decide to combine a few of them to create a gift hamper and even add things like fresh cookies or thrifted items. Remember, it’s the intention that counts!