Vegan main dishes for Christmas

It’s no secret, ditching meat and other animal products is one of the most sustainable things you can do. It’s also one of the kindest. After all, isn’t the Christmas season all about joy, love and kindness? So forget about the dead birds and the ham! You don’t need meat on the table to enjoy the holiday spirit but that doesn’t need you have to eat boring shit. so here comes the list of my 6 favorite vegan main dishes. I hate food posts where the author tells you about their whole life story so let’s just jump right in! I hope these recipes will you get you inspired.

Portobello Wellington


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Stuffed seitan roast

by fat free vegan kitchen

christmas vegan mains

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by de grénge léiv

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Chickpea veggie loaf

by vegan richa

vegan mains

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Lentil shepherd’s pie

by rainbow plant life

vegan mains christmas

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Stuffed butternut squash

by it doesn’t taste like chicken

vegan mains idea

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Honestly, I could go on forever with this list of Christmas vegan main dishes. There are plenty of plant-based holiday recipes just one click away. I won’t be doing the cooking this year so I had to narrow it down to a few option for my mom to choose from. Whichever we decide to make, we will pair with classic sides like roasted veggies and potatoes. I wanted to focus on main courses for this post as they are the star of the show. In in case you are looking for a tasty Christmas dessert, I have a vegan Yule log recipe you can check out here.